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damantru's Journal

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(An Original Character based role-playing community based on a world created for a fantasy novel.)

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The largest business on D'Amantru is also illegal. Slavery has been outlawed for over two thousand and twenty years...

Welcome to the world of D’Amantru.

The Delphin want everything back, the slavers are struggling to hold onto the remains of their crumbling Empire, and everyone else is just trying to live and enjoy another day.

Who will you be in this world?

A slave dreaming of freedom and secretly planning a revolt with your fellow slaves?

A slaver trying to hold onto your business through all the revolts?

A bounty hunter out for some fun times and a few quick bucks?

A civilian calmly watching and going on with your daily life?

The choice is yours to make. Either way, keep your eyes open because you never know what might happen next.


D’Amantru is a RP centered on an open world. We’ll give you the basics and some plot ideas to run with, but you’re free to do what you want. Create a business in the heart of Ametiton, plot how to overthrow the government, become the top slave-catcher in the city, the choice is up to you.

Our purpose is to provide an open, ever-changing world where people can have fun and enjoy themselves without any real pressure.

We are currently only accepting Original Characters.
01. Love thy neighbor. Be polite. Just because you may be playing the biggest jerk slaver on the world, that doesn't mean you should act like that, when out of character. Do not harass or insult any member. Period. If another member is bothering you, contact one of the moderators, and do not respond the harasser. Please provide logs showing the harassment.

02. Typing is not your enemy. Spell-checkers are your friends. Even though your character may be poorly educated, mentally challenged, or just plain computer-stupid, you should not be. I don't expect you to be English majors, but if you cannot take the time to type out something as simple as "you", then please, do not apply. If your character types in such a way, then fine, but you, the player, should not in any out-of-character or action taken in a messenger. If you are uncertain about a word or spelling, please use Dictionary.com or put the word into a Google search.

03. Ratings aren't just for video games and movies. Violent and sexual material is allowed. Graphic or explicit content (violence, gore, excessively harsh language, sexual content, etc.) must be noted and properly rated, and, being as some people do check things at work or with other family members around, please place this under a LJ-cut. If you want to more certainly keep things in the community, make the post friends only.

04. The more, the merrier. If you want to play multiple characters, feel free. Just keep in mind your own limitations. Don't play more characters than you can. However, if life gets in the way, and you need to drop some or all of your characters, please, contact a moderator and let us know. We will work something out.

05. Keep it in the story line. If there is no reason to attack and rape, or kill another's character, do not do it. Randomly walking up to a character and attacking them will be considered God-moding. Even if you're a Vampire stalking prey, you should not jump into a story line and immediately grab someone, you must prove that you are actually hunting.

06. God-moding will result in a ban. Unless it has been discussed prior, you cannot take control of another's character, kill another's character, think for them, or speak for them. Try to, and you will be banned. Obviously, if you're shaking hands or hugging them tightly enough to restrict breathing or some such common gesture, then that is not considered God-moding. Just make sure you give them enough time to react.

07. For the time being, this community is Original Character only! Until there is a good, solid base of OCs, fandom characters will not be allowed. Once they are allowed, it will be in restricted numbers.

08. Limits are good. You cannot join as a Phase 3 Vampiric Delphin with fifteen forms, three sets of wings, and your only weakness is having your horn cut off, where upon you will go comatose and then turn to stone, but not die. (Yes, this is actually one of my own characters. No, he will not be in the community, unless the story line turns to needing him.) Be reasonable, and do not get offended if a moderator asks you to modify your character.

09. Have fun, damnit! Though the moderators will post new story lines, feel free to branch off! Don't be scared to join in, and don't be completely turned off by the idea that someone might want to poke their head in. It's important that we, as a community, interact with each other. maybe not all at once, as there are three main cities of the world, plus little patches of life in the forests, hills, and mountains. Remember, put your logs in damantru_logs, so everyone will know what's going on.

10. Keep this community uncluttered, please! The damantru_ooc is for things like character intros, notes of hiatus, and so on and so forth. Any offical notes will be posted to this community, damantru, and will include rule revisions, new storylines, and so on and so forth. As such, to help prevent clutter, this community only allows posting by select members, though all can join and watch.

11. Minor sex is an offence. Underage players, or those that cannot provide a birthday will be restricted from engaging in sexual situations. Characters are not restricted, as the morphics mature, physically, very quickly. This applies to all sexual aspects, including rape scenarios that have been discussed and consented to.

The age of 16 has been placed as the youngest on this rule. Players younger than 16 will need to appeal to forget_me_not if there is something of such nature that cannot be avoided.
Moderator information
Owner: forget_me_not
--AIM: WingWishedKiwi
--YIM: WingWishedKiwi
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--Google Talk: snowhawkalyandra(AT)gmail(DOT)com
--ICQ: 218817497

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--AIM: Ikarus Prime
--Google Talk: Renkruia(AT)gmail(DOT)com
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